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From: Advanced Career Technologies

URL: bobgerberg.com

Advanced Career Technologies Survey: Men 7 Times More Likely to Feel High Pressure on Job

New York, NY – "We were surprised when this survey of why employed people at $50,000+ think about changing jobs, showed 7% of men but only 1% of women cited 'high pressure.' We weren't so surprised when 11% of women felt they were 'not in the mainstream of communications,' vs. just 2% of the men." Best selling author Robert J. Gerberg shares these insights in his latest book, The Professional Job Changing System. "I should also point out there were many areas where they were about the same, such as being in danger of losing their job (9%), a contracting industry (9%), not enough independence (7%), their position was changed (4%) or they were passed over (3%)."

"These interesting statistics are part of educating people and giving them the precise instruction and examples they need to search for a job effectively. Very few people know how to do it, so that's the main purpose of the book, which is available hardcover in bookstores nationwide. The first section tells them all they need to know to set clear goals, identify their best industry prospects, develop a resume that pre-sells them to employers, and how to neutralize liabilities. They also learn how to identify transferable skills and strengths, vital today, and set up a realistic action plan to follow."

"The 2nd section educates them about the published and unpublished segments of the job market, and how to get exposure to many more opportunities in both of them than they might otherwise. It instructs them about finding and answering more ads, contacting more recruiters and taking action on other published openings, such as on employer websites. But because we know 50% or more of their opportunities will be in the unpublished market, we also provide specific instruction and examples on networking, making direct contact with selected employers, which has to be done just right to be effective, and paying attention to business news that signals emerging jobs where they can get consideration early, before the situation gets published and too competitive."

"The 3rd section gives them tested principles for turning interviews into offers, while the 4th section has great advice on keeping momentum and building a will to succeed."

Additional information about Robert J. Gerberg: pr@bobgerberg.com or contact Richard Gardner at 877-628-4496

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